New Blog!

Me and my roommate/bffmate/crushmate Amanda spend a lot of time sitting around the apartment talking about boys. Not boys we know, of course, but celebrities! We liken ourselves to 16-year-old girls: we just want to eat popcorn and make out with guys we see on television.

Just the other day we drank some beer and talked about ‘if we would sleep with Michael Fassbender even if he couldn’t kiss us because he wasn’t allowed to kiss.’ The consensus was vaguely yes.

One time she asked me if I would go to second base with Eric from True Blood “even if he slept in your bed all week and wanted to edit everything you’ve ever written.” I agreed only when she reasoned- “well, he had other stuff to do, he wouldn’t be there the whole week.”

We swoon over Adam Scott. Literally swoon. We’ve got problems.

Point is, while I’m busy over here in book land, we started a blog where the two of us could just compile the pictures of these crushes and get to look at them whenever wanted. 

I Would Sleep With You is the result. Follow us if you’re boy-crazy, too.

Send in your suggestions to so we can all be fangirls together.

New post on Monday, kids! I’m almost done with the grind…

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    I can already tell that this is going to be my new favorite blog.
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    Looks like I have a new favorite tumblr!
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