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Dear users welcome to The-Frenemy.com which is a perfect solution for all the Daily Puzzle Answers. As we all know that puzzle games are popular among the people who love to solve puzzles but sometimes you are stuck somewhere and you are looking for the solution then you can take the help of the-frenemy.com. Our site is created with a unique idea to help out people with word guessing and solve the crossword types of puzzles. If you are one of them who are stuck somewhere and are looking to find the perfect answer for your daily puzzle then look no further because we have a team of staff who provide you daily answers to help the readers. Here you can find the answers puzzles, cheats and solutions, and our team has created various categories so that when you click on any link it will redirect you to the answer of that puzzle.

Do you know what the purpose of daily puzzle games is? Yes, the purpose of any type of puzzle game is to enhance and improve our brain cells including memory. These types of games not only activate our brain cells but also improve our analytical thinking. There are various types of puzzles based on daily life things such as culture, famous places, famous brands, people, movies and various other things. One common thing in all the daily puzzles answers games is that they start with the simple level and then gradually increase the difficulty when you move to the upper levels. You will go through different experiences which are entertaining as well as challenging. If you are the real puzzle game lover and you want to be updated with the daily word puzzle answers then don’t be panic because we will update you with all the answers on a daily basis which will not only improve your vocabulary but also get you exciting rewards.
Those who want to improve their analytical thinking and also enhance their vocabulary they should experience the daily puzzle challenges because it makes your brain work better in panic situations. There are also games which make your vocabulary stronger and if you want to polish your skills then you should make use of these games where you get a chance to make combinations of words, numbers and solve different types of interesting puzzles. With the help of the-frenemy.com you can find answers of difficult puzzles and unlock different levels and themes of your favorite game. Some people like to play crossword or Criss cross word games where you have to connect letter with the letter to find the hidden word. No matter you are stuck at any level and you want the perfect solution for your answer then you don’t need to be worry because with the efforts of our team members, we make it possible for you to get the perfect answer for your puzzle. When you click on the link then you will be redirected to the page containing the answer of your puzzle.

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4 Pics 1 word daily Puzzle game was developed by one of the well-known app developer company, Lotum GmbH. Their aim is a smaller team that create products that have a big impact in the game industry. This company gives a path and reality to impossible and unbelievable ideas. One of their best creations is 4 Pics 1 Word daily games. 4 Pics 1 word daily Puzzle is an online app that can be downloaded in android mobile even in any other device.  The app asks for permission to access your other mobile apps.


This is the best game to improve your memory and activate your brain cells. In this, there are 4 pictures which are shown and through those picture player have to guess the correct answer. Firstly, it starts with a simple level than as the game move to upper levels the difficulty level also increases. For example, there are 5 words with a picture of chocolates, an infant chuckling, lollypops and a dog with a puppy. So you will easily guess the correct word that is ‘Sweet’. It’s obvious! That sometimes our brain freeze for a second and you are unable to make a guess. No worries, just one click and you will able to refresh your brain to start a new experience. Click 4 Pics 1 word Daily Answers with words quantity required and you will see pictures with answers. This site doesn’t act as facilitating you cheat but just provide you help. Every person needs a little push to achieve more in life. 4 Pics 1 word Daily Answers will give you that push to restart your engine.


7 little words are just like other puzzle games but are more challenging as well as enjoyable. If you don’t like many word puzzles you will find seven little Words really interesting. This game was developed by one of very popular puzzle game developer, ‘Blue Ox’. These technologies have developed 7 little words daily game as well as other popular games such as Red Herring & Monkey Wrench. There are 2 types of puzzles present, one is the normal 7 little words daily puzzles and other is the 7 little words Bonus Daily puzzle. In the bonus challenge puzzle, you get extra scores after winning.


Basically, there are daily puzzles based on famous peoples, name of places, famous brands, and pop culture orientation, etc. there is no time limit or any type of pressure on the player for guessing. There is also an option of hint in the puzzle that opens on sacrificing your coins. There are 20 tiles in each puzzle and you have to unscramble the 7 words hidden in the puzzle. If you get stuck and are unable to find any specific solution then you can take help from 7 little Words Answers for today site. This site covers all the answers and refreshes their site on a daily basis. Don’t assume this site as cheating, it is a way to reduce your panic and help you get to the next level. Every person learns by experience. There are 7 little Words Answers hidden, that seems easy but as you move to upper levels it becomes difficult. It is the best game for all ages as it improves person memory when unscrambles the scramble words.


Play Simple Games is one of the entertainment companies from India; they have developed one of the finest game word trek daily quest Puzzle. The main goal of play simple is to build a world-class entertainment company. They have a small team but their work super excited and challenging. The Word Trek Daily Quest update their game on a daily basis with a different word puzzle for players. Work trek is an addictive word game that can keep your mind engaged for hours. Word trek daily Puzzle is one of the most addictive free brain games on the Google Play Store. There are hundreds of word puzzles and each has different difficulty levels. But when you come across word trek you will find it Word Genius and Master Puzzle.

Sometimes our brain cells need oiling to move. Mean often! We get stuck in the game as the difficulty level increases. Word Trek daily answers are updated so that if you get stuck you don’t panic. Word trek puzzle game is based on names of famous brands, places, movies, etc. no worries! As in trek word puzzle, all grids are double-checked to make sure they are solvable. Even you can take help from hints to get to the Word Trek answers. Word trek game is a cool alien mystery adventure and is applicable to all ages. The game can be played at any time and at any place as it is an offline game once downloaded. Daily new challenges are notified. And there are also bonus challenges each week. So try work trek daily quest to improve your vocabulary and get cool rewards in the game.


Word whizzle Daily Puzzle was founded by a well-known company ‘Apprope’ which is a self-governing game workplace founded in 2012. The developer of ‘Apprope’ is Markus Wedenborn and Daniel Lodin. Their main goal was to create casual games for Android and iOS devices. In addition to word whizzle daily puzzle Answers, the founder has also developed popular word game word bubbles. The word whizzle has become the top word puzzle search expert by finding hidden words in a grid of letters. The game requires good vocabulary, you can swipe letters up, down, diagonally, and across to build words.

There are more than 2700 fun and challenging levels in the game. The game is free downloading. As time passes, the level of difficulty increases along with your skills. Guessing the Word whizzle daily answers sharpens your vocabulary and tests your puzzle powers. Often! Getting along the correct Word Whizzle answers the game provides you with free hints. If you have a good vocabulary the Word Whizzle puzzle answers are easy to find but sometimes hard to beat. If you get stuck at any place Word Whizzle Search Answers for Today is the best place to find the daily answer for the puzzle update. This game is highly preferred for kids to enhance their English skills. You can also challenge your friends in Word whizzle daily Puzzle on Facebook.


Daily Jumble is the same as a word puzzle which is simply played by scrambling the letters to make an anagram. The words are unscrambled on bases of some clue. Jumble anagram is one of the most popular games which were developed by Tribune Media Services. The main mission statement of tribune media service is to create, produce such games that entertain, engages and inspires millions of individuals in the world every day. Daily Anagram is to find simple anagrams from a scrambled set of letters. You can make multiple Daily Jumble Answers by using all the given letters. The game is best for adult as well as a kid as there are careful clean good quality words. Daily Jumble Puzzle Answers are updated so that if the player gets stuck at any level they can take little help. For example Jumble Answer for Today 3 may level 4 (N, I, R, K, D) is ‘Drink’.

An anagram is simple a word or a phrase that is made by unscrambling or rearranging the scrambled words. You can also easily lookup for word meanings and pronunciation as well from our site Daily Anagram answers. The game is basically an offline game but you can play it with your family and friends for even more fun. If you get stuck at any place you can come up with hints of Anagram answers for today. For example anagram of today, May 3 (M, O, P, R, C, O, M, S, E, I) is ‘Compromise’. Try it and have unlimited fun with words.


Monkey Wrench game is developed by Blue Ox Technologies, which is a world-wide known corporation. The cooperation is known for developing extremely fun and enjoyable crossword puzzle. The Monkeywrench is a fun word quiz game with a brain challenging twist.  In this game, you have to use the clues to find out what the hidden words are. If you love to play crossword puzzles and word search games then download Monkey Wrench.

Monkeywrench daily answers are usually based on movies, science, sports, music, fashion, history, etc. there is an option of 3 difficulty levels and according to that helpful hints will provide.  The words are hidden in a mystery grid and the monkey wrench will tease in the quiz while finding the words. Each puzzle has a hexagonal tiles grid of letters. In grid there are some tiles are shaded. The shaded letters are that fit into the categories at the top of the screen. Use your brain while hunting for Monkey Wrench Daily Answers clues to clear the tiles and win the game. Monkey Wrench is available with a pack of 25 free puzzles and other puzzle bundles you have to purchase. There are 3 levels as an option

  • Firstly the easy one that shows full answers to the clues that you are searching.
  • Secondly, the medium one which facilitates the players with only the first letters of each word.
  • Lastly, the hard one that is the toughest and challenging that provides nothing just shows the blanks to fill in.


Word connects is excited classic word games, that is published by Zentertain LTD. Word connect daily is the highest ranking word search game on the app store. You have to simply jab the letter tiles and build words to collect coins. To solve the crossword puzzles you have to find the clues to solve.  To solve word connect daily challenges you first have to download word connect game and train your brain to become word master. In this, you can uncover hidden words and build as many words as possible. The game is powered by authoritative Oxford dictionaries. Once you start word connects you become easily addictive to this gameplay. There are almost 5,204 levels in the total game. Additionally, there are different modes from which you can choose a level that fits your skills best. There are two modes, one is normal mode and other is crossword mode. In addition to this, the new word connects daily challenge are updated on a daily basis.

Word Connect Daily Puzzle comes with daily bonuses. Then there are 11 best themes listed for you to choose. If you want to play a puzzle named best seasonal things. There is also an option to play online together with your family members and friends and share coins on Facebook. The best part is that the game is free from time limits. You can also take help from different websites if stuck on any level. For example, word connects answers for today may 3 are Us-Rue-Sue-Use-Res-Ruse-User-Rues-Sure. Word Connect is the best game app designed to train your brain and learn new words.


Wordscapes is crossword puzzles which can be played with unlimited tries to accomplish the challenge. Tremendous brain challenging fun is provided by the twist wordscapes puzzle game. Enjoy Wordscapes Daily Challenge modern puzzle with the best of word searching, anagrams, and crosswords and unscrambling. The Wordscapes daily challenge will never let you experience any dull moment after you try this addicting word puzzle game. Once you will start playing this crossword puzzle you won’t be able to put it down. The Wordscapes daily answers can be easily hunted if you have a good vocabulary and your brain works even in panic situations. If you don’t have good English skills download this game to polish your skills. The game becomes more challenging when you win a few levels. Wordscapes stimulates your mind by showing different beautiful destinations.

I get stuck at any level and are unable to find Wordscapes answers. Don’t panic! Just take a deep breath and take help from Wordscapes In Bloom Daily Challenge Answers. The site just helps you to oil up your brain and start the engine again. Wordscapes is one of the word hunt game that is played by over 10 million people. It is a combination of many word games. Wordscapes answers are not too difficult to find out, age factor matters a lot in all word games. There are many sites that help you if you want Wordscapes Answers for today.  For example, Wordscapes Answers for today for 3 May are Ally, Call, Clay, Coal, Cola, Oval, Lacy, Local, Loyal, Vocal, Alloy and Vocally.


The Word Stacks Daily Challenge Puzzle Game is advance incredibly addicting word game developed by makers of wordscapes. The game is simply played by swiping the titles to reveal hidden words and to bring the world crashing down. The word stack is easy at first just like other word games and then gets challenging. Word Stacks daily challenge comes with bounce points and there is only one level that is open daily. Word Stacks is also a highly rated word game just like wordscapes, Word Chums, etc. The full-on addicting experience and brain-building gameplay have captured the hearts of millions of players.

Each puzzle provides a clue that can be used to find the related Word Stacks Answers for each puzzle. Each puzzle is shifted once you find the correct answer to the puzzle. There are almost 3000 levels with more updated weekly. You can also use power-ups like a spyglass, shuffling or light bulb when you get stuck on any level. There are many customized themes and backgrounds that unlock on different levels. Word stacks daily answers are updated daily on different websites so the players can get help when stuck at any level. The game becomes more interesting and easy when you find the Word Stacks daily answers correctly. An extra reward is also awarded when finding extra words that are not in the mystery. There are over 40 million downloads of Word Stacks Answers. The Word Stacks Answers for today 1 May are None, Jump, Lion, File, Raft, Uncle, Ugly, Prized. Just you have to search Word Stacks Answers for today and press have done button.


WordBrain Daily challenge is a very challenging word game that is developed by MAG interactive. The word brain daily challenge mobile game was developed and published by MAG Interactive. The Swedish Mag interactive was founded in 2010.  This is the best game to train your brain to work fast and solve puzzles in less time. If you want to be a true word geniuses in a puzzle than download word brain game. It is best for youngsters to enhance their vocabulary and English skills. The best way to exercise your brain is by finding hidden words. You have to just slide your finger over the letters and see the letters collapse. If you will do it in the correct order then you will able to clear the grid.

If you will get stuck on any level, which you probably will when the difficulty level will increase then you will need expert help for finding word brain daily answers. Word brain game is available in 15 languages with 1260 levels; you will need expert enthusiast’s skill for completing these levels. Remember that there are no unsolvable levels so at the end of the day you will be having Word brain answers. You have to just think carefully to conquer the ultimate word challenge while keeping your brain in shape! The word brain is trending nowadays, it is in top 10 word games. To find updated word brain answers for today you can type date and Google it to get good responses.


Word cookies daily puzzle is one of the most popular word puzzle games, which has maintained its top ranking. It is highly ranked both on iOS and Android play stores. In this game, the player has to unscramble a limitless number of words. If you have not downloaded the app yet then go to play store and install the game to activate your brain cells. Word cookies daily puzzle is played simply by swiping figure to connect each alphabet cookie on the baking pan to form a word.  Basically, the player has to fill up Jack’s cookie jar with Word cookies puzzle answers to earn extra coins. Word Cookies Daily Answers are simple and easy control and have enjoyable graphics.

It Stimulates brain cells and is best for entertainment and educational purposes. To get Word cookies answers the player has to shuffle the letters and rearrange the letters to spark recognition. Word cookies daily answers also provide hints if a player is stumped on a word. To get the correct Word cookies daily answers you don’t have to rush as there is no time limit or penalties for incorrect answers. If the player wins the challenges on a daily basis they earn rewards every day. To get correct Word cookies answers for today stay up-to-date for new updates. Word cookies answers can be searched online for earning more scores in a single play. Word cookies answers for today game challenge (D, G, O) are Do, Go, Dog, God.


Word Crossy Daily Puzzle is a fun word puzzle that is created by ‘GuYunhe’. The word crossy is having a moment of huge success all over the world. The Word crossy daily puzzle is one of the most downloaded word puzzle game of the era.  Daily Word crossy answers challenge is released on a daily basis with new difficult words for you to solve. Basically, the game is to connect the letters on the wheel to find the correct word crossy puzzle answers. After finding all the words, the words are filled in the crossword blanks.

The word crossy game is free to download with lots of fun waiting for you ahead. Once you start playing word crossy, you become a master of the game. Word Crossy is the combination of different puzzle games like word search and crossword-style games. In this game, you have to connect letters to spell a word to reveal one of the words hidden in the crossword. The game gets harder and harder as you move to the upper level. So it is challenging for you that how you increase the speed of brain retention. Word crossy daily answers remain up-to-date as new levels are revealed. New answers are updated to the site on a daily basis. Word crossy answers for today puzzle game are also updated. If you want to check the correct answers of the puzzle game then Google our websites.

—– —–


Wheel of fortune is the best word puzzle game of all time. In this the player has to spin the wheel, solve the puzzles and train their brain to win an official game. The wheel of fortune is based on one of the most popular game show Emmy- winning TV show. The game is an online game that can be played with friends, family and other fans of the game. Even you can challenge your friends and family through Facebook. Daily new word puzzle games are added to the player always has to solve the new puzzle. Wheel of fortune daily answers is also updated on a daily basis so you can check the correct answers. The Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle has a prize wheel action to win big with a wild card and or get lucky with free play.

Download classic word games if you like the official TV show and you don’t live in America to be part of that game. In this game, you’ll even get an option of selection of letters for spelling changes in the Bonus Round. There is also the option of VIP Pass membership to get wedges, special perks, and protection from Bankrupt. The Wheel of fortune answers is not revealed until the puzzle are played by the players. The players have to compete in the wheel of fortune word puzzle tournaments against other players online for huge prizes. The wheel of fortune today answers for the puzzle is uploaded a pile of coats.


A Mirror Cryptic Crossword Daily is one of the best crossword puzzle game in which each clue is a mystery in and of itself. The mirror cryptic crosswords are most popular in the United Kingdom as this game was originated there. In the US the name of a cryptic crossword puzzle is “British-style” crosswords. There is a company that compiles the crosswords and that is updated in the game and also in newspapers. The players have to crack the crossword just like a security lock with the help of clues. Once they crack if they are awarded a huge prize and coins. The mirror cryptic answers are challenging to crack; they need full concentration and intelligence.

A mirror cryptic crossword daily puzzle usually comes in two main types, one of which is the basic mirror and second is ‘themed’ mirror cryptic. The basic mirror cryptic is the one in which each clue answer is entered into the diagram in a normal manner. The themed mirror cryptic is the one in which some or all of the answers must be transformed before entering. The transformation should be in accordance with a hidden pattern that must be discovered by the solver. The mirror cryptic crosswords for today and for each day are daily updated for the players so that they can get little help in cracking the code. The mirror cryptic crossword is the best puzzle to open your mind and enhance your kid’s concentration.


The Mirror Classic Crosswords Daily is a standard crossword puzzle game same like many other crosswords. This crossword is standard one in which the player has to crack the clues to get to the mirror classic answers and win this crossword. The crosswords are not that simple as they look when you start cracking the clues its difficulty increases. The crossword games are very interesting and enhance the purpose of education. Once you start cracking the crossword puzzles, you become an expert of crossword puzzle game. At that time the classic crossword puzzle game is a piece of ice for you.

There are some sideways answers and some are top to bottom. The Crossword Puzzle can be based on any theme like festivals, famous movie or sports, etc. This game is mostly played in the UK where the game was originated. Once the player solves the puzzle he/she is awarded free coins, if playing online. The Mirror classic crosswords daily can be played on Facebook by challenging your family, friends and as well as an unknown person. In online one, each player gets his clue that he/she has to solve to get to the correct answer. The crossword puzzles are also there in the newspaper for the reader to solve. They are according to the city that a newspaper is published in. The mirror classic crosswords for today were on the theme of seasonal fruits. The crosswords are just like, a code is ‘Inflammation of the radicle of a nerve’, by cracking the code you will get an answer that is ‘Radiculitis’.


The Mirror Quick Crosswords Daily are a crossword puzzle game that is developed by well-known gaming app Developer Company the ‘Blue ox technologies’. The Blue ox technologies have developed many crossword puzzles that are mirror classic and quick classic crossword puzzle game. Crosswords are the same they have a square grid, there are blank blocks to fill. On same, there are clues that the players have to solve so that he can get to Mirror quick Answers. Each clue has a number and the answer mentioning place also have the same number. That shows that each clue answer should be how much quantity.

The Mirror quick Crosswords daily is a challenging game, once you download the game you will be so addicted that you will play it on a daily basis. The crossword game has a high rating on play store, parents want their children to be crossword Champaign. These games are best for brain activities and enhance your speed of learning. The correct answers for Mirror quick Crosswords for today are uploaded on different websites on a daily basis. This makes sure that players should get the list of correct answers as help. If you stuck on any level you can take help from those sites. The mirror quick crossword puzzle game is best for all ages. Every person loves to take challenges and it is also a fun game to play.


The Mirror Quiz Crosswords Daily Puzzle game is an advanced version of mirror classic crossword game. This new version is also created by well-known app developer ‘Blue ox technologies’. This is the best game app Developer Company that has created high rated games for players to remain engaged. This crossword game has a time limit to solve the crossword just like a quiz show. Each crossword puzzle has cracked the players is awarded gems and reward that can be used in the next game. The difficulty level increases with the new version of the game. This game is much tough and finding correct Mirror quiz Answers are difficult to find.

Same like other crossword games, the mirror quiz crossword daily puzzle also has a square grid. It also contains clues that need to be cracked. By solving that clue you will get a specific quantity answer that will fit in the blank spaces. Blank spaces can be horizontal or vertical with numbering on the top. The numbering is there to show that the answer of the first clue will fit in blank space with number 1 written on it. The answers of crosswords are updated on our website so that you can get little help to win. The Mirror quiz Crosswords for today is also updated on our website, visit our website and win the crossword.


The Crossword Champ Daily is one of the best games among all the crossword games. It is a free online puzzle game for families. It’s time to get your portion of fun with daily brain training. The crossword champs daily are the best free crossword puzzle game. It helps you learn new words and curious facts. If you will carefully craft easy crossword puzzles you will get reward and gems to open new challenges. The player can also challenge millions of people from all over the world. The Crossword Champ Puzzles is a classic easy crosswords puzzle, which is available in an interactive format with beautiful theme designs. It is simple and easy navigation which can be solved by everyone.

The crossword champ daily answers are great word puzzles with answers to improve your memory and vocabulary. There is the option of hints and points system to help you solve and get the toughest crossword champ daily answers. There are also weekly competitions for the player of the game with prizes and free bonus. The players can receive coins by inviting friends and gaining achievements. Level up increases the difficulty level of crossword puzzle game. Enjoy the fun of addicted crossword puzzle games online with family, friends, etc. The crossword Champ Today Answers were theme based and very hard to find. But the people with crossword skills find them easy.


The Crossword champs pro puzzles is a type of Crossword Champ Puzzle Game, it is created by monster brain studio. A game development company ‘Monster brain studios’ produces a high quality interesting and challenging mobile games. Their main focus is on classic style games and introduced the game to mobile with a social experience to play with friends. The company creates unique gaming products. These products are that immerse person in the exciting word of easy brain training, entertainments and relaxation. The crossword game is based on themes, from which some are easy and some crossword champ pro answers are difficult to find.

The crossword champ daily answers are uploaded on their main website. Often! The best crossword crackers upload crossword champ daily answers before the new puzzle is updated.  The crossword pro puzzles are easy free crosswords daily puzzles that can be solved by everyone. Every day a new puzzle is updated. The puzzle is easy crosswords to improve your memory and vocabulary. Hints and points system is also present in the game to help you solve free easy crossword puzzles. The themes for crossword champ pro puzzle are Sound that’s often heard on Halloween crossword, winter sickness prevented with a vaccine clues and a severed head author, etc. The crossword champ pro today answers were also theme based; you can visit our website to see the answers.


The Crossword champ premium puzzles are finest quality crossword puzzle game, it is little bit different version of crossword champ pro. The crossword champ premium is also developed by ‘Monster brain studios’ that focuses on classic style games. It produces the finest quality challenging mobile games. The crossword champ premium is the same as another crossword, it has a square grid that has vertical and horizontal blank boxes that have to be filled with crossword champ premium answers. For finding the correct specific answer that fits in the grid need some clues that are crashed. Crosswords are not that easy as they seem to look.

The crossword champ premium also comes in different themes. If you play crossword regularly all the games become easy and simple for you. The crossword is a brain game that improves your learning, retention processes. On a daily basis crossword champ daily answers are solved and shared with others, so if anyone is unable to solve can take help. There are many tricks, hints that help you to be an expert. Crossword champ premium today answers are also updated on our website. The crossword also provides hints and clues that help you solve the puzzle. The crossword puzzle theme answer is for horizontal way are Some Steuben products Racetrack site, Styled after, Linen tape, Tiny Pacific island nation, Eve’s origin, Salad ingredients, Teaching protection, How you say it, Milk, Famous heavyweight, etc.


The Star Tribune Crosswords is a crossword puzzle game, contains a square grid that needs to be solved by cracking the clues. Exercise your brain on a daily basis with best star tribune crosswords puzzle created mainly for Android. This game helps you improve your English vocabulary and help you learn difficult words of different language easily. The game is absolutely free without internet connection means it can be played offline. It has very easy levels but the difficulty level increases with levels. If you feel difficulty in solving then there is an option for unlimited clues. The game is based on the fun as well as educational factors are also full filled. You can come up to Star Tribune Crossword Answers with the revelation of hints. There is also an option whether you want to take a hint of letters or words.

Most importantly the size of the grid will adjust according to the requirement of the device. The best way to utilize your time is by playing star tribune crosswords. Star Tribune Crossword Answers for today are uploaded on a daily basis. The crossword is based on star tribune theme that seems difficult but is very easy to solve. If you want to be expert f crossword game then play it on a daily basis. It is the best entertainment for your kids that will keep them united with their education also.