The Frenemy.

Sep 22

notbobdylan said: From one work-from-home-creative-human, Besides being terrified of deadlines, how do you stay motivated to work everyday? How do you know when you've worked enough for the day? (aka PLEASE HELP ME STRUCTURE MY LIFE AND NOT GO INSANE)

Working from home is great and it is awful for the same reasons: you don’t ever wear pants (so you often forget to do laundry) and you never leave the house. Here are my tips for staying sane and actually getting work done:

1. When you’re having one of those unproductive days, leave the house. Even if it’s to run errands or walk around the block, it will make you feel “REFRESHED” enough to clear your mind and bring back the focus.

2. Find your happy place by changing up your environment. Try going to a coffee shop. Try working in your bedroom. Or on your couch. Work while watching tv. Then work with music. Then work with silence. Once you figure out where you get the most work done, let that be your office space. Me? It was Scarlett on the couch with shitty television blasting or complete silence.

3. Utilize your productive times by turning off the internet. I’m most productive before lunch and early evening. So I tend to keep only my gmail browser open (with chat turned off) and maximize my best hours by staying away from technology for those few hours.

4. Schedule, but be flexible with your schedule. When I’m working longer schedules, I keep a word doc on my desktop with tasks arranged by week. If I don’t get the work done? I edit the document and plan and change accordingly. Don’t obsess over soft deadlines, just make sure you are staying productive and not falling behind.

5. Ignore people who say stupid stuff like “you don’t have to go to work” because haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

6. Keep a budget. Freelancing is hard, yo, and doesn’t always pay well. If you manage your money wisely, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during the week.

7. Stop working when you want to stop working. You absolutely know when your brain can no longer process any work. Sometimes that’s at 9pm. Sometimes it’s at 2pm. But let yourself put the work down when you know you are at the point that you will no way do any more writing that makes sense.

8. Keep a mild routine. Try to wake up at the same time. Take a shower when you are dirty, keep hygenic, and even put regular clothes sometimes. Eat lunch around the same time. Try to stop at the same time. Don’t let it become a free-for-all. Provide yourself some structure.

8a. Keep NO ROUTINE sometimes. If you are on a tight deadline, stay up as late as you need to. Sleep in. Refuse to take a shower for 3 days straight. Don’t feel guilty or slovenly when you are stressed out of your fucking mind and need to get a giant project done.

9. Eat your meals away from technology, even if it’s 5 minutes at your table shoveling a sandwich in your mouth.

10. Sometimes, you just gotta stay away from your fucking computer and your phone for a whole day. Take a break every once in a while: you deserve it, boss.

beckynotbetty said: What's your makeup routine for the "It's been raining for a week and I just really don't give two shits about anyone" kind of day?

So you mean MOST DAYS?! Honestly, as much as I love makeup I also love not wearing makeup, so most normal days I try to use 5-6 products or less. 

You know how makeup tutorials are like “hey this is gonna be a natural look” and then it’s a million products? Yo! No effing thanks. Sometimes I do a no makeup makeup look when I’m trying to spend 25 minutes on a face that will make people go “she’s so glowy is she an ANGEL” but that takes time and effort. I don’t have those often.

Here’s the base of my go-to, super easy, 3 minute look:

1. Eyebrows: Define your eyebrows with clear brow gel, tinted brow gel, a pencil OR some eyebrow wax. I usually use the benefit brow gel. A quick swipe defines my face and tames the hairiest part OF my face and keeps your “EYEBROW GAME STRONG” like eyebrows have the chance to GAIN POWER.

2: Eyes: Eyes are the eyes of your face, and deserve some attention. You want most people to look at them. Just a bit of mascara, and if I’m feeling fancy, any ole light brown eyeshadow to neutralize lid redness. My favorites are Maybelline The Rocket and Maybelline Color Tatoo in Bad to the Bronze.

3: Lips: I hate when lips are chapped, and it’s pretty damn easy to swipe some clear chapstick on them to define them slightly and keep em kissable. If I’m feeling SUPER fancy, I’ll tap some cranberry or wine colored lipstick on. I don’t APPLY it, I just TAP it to add some “i’m so naturally sexy” to my look. 

Products used: 4

LASTLY: Use one or two products to cover/enhance whatever the fuck YOU want. I think that easy, go-to looks should be changed up according to whatever your face needs that day. I always do the above 3 steps and then finish up with whatever one or two products will make me feel the best about leaving my house. Usually, I’ll add some concealer under the eyes and on my pimples (my go to is NYX HD Concealer or NARS Creamy Concealer) to add some brightness and cover some devil spots. Or blush if I feel like I’m looking dead and pale. Or highlighter on my cheekbones and inner corners if I’m feeling like a glow. Or eyeliner. This last part is up to you!

Either way, five minutes or less and you are actually out the freaking door.

Axe Me

Hey guys!

Send me your questions and I will answer them, as I am currently mentally exhausted, resting my feet, and eating cashews by the handful. I physically have no more space in my brain for original thoughts that are not book, I am in a wedding this weekend, and I also have a hearty bout of insomnia. My brain is basically Jello pudding, and I’d like to chat with y’all.

EDIT: I don’t keep questions on anon, but please tell me if you want to be kept anon and I always comply.

Ask away!

Sep 18


Follow Me On Instagram I wanna link link link you from your head to your toes

All right, now more coffee I guess


Follow Me On Instagram I wanna link link link you from your head to your toes

All right, now more coffee I guess

Sep 16

How To Do The Perfect Cat Eye

The perfect cat eye happens when the moon is right.

It happens when the spirits align, when the wind blows right in your direction, when the cauldron bubbles over and the forces of nature: the power of air and fire and the earth itself, deem you worthy of power. Do not take this power lightly. Let it radiate from the large floppy hat you bought for the season but will not wear, the pumpkin-scented moisturizer you promised you wouldn’t repurchase, the new black jeans you didn’t need. It’s FALL, you say, as you sacrifice your credit card for yet another cranberry colored dream.

You draw the perfect cat eye when you believe in your unending thirst for this power. When you believe in the power of your bones over the bones of others, and you are prepared to sit in the light of the moon on your bone throne. Nobody will remember who you are. Your name is now a candle going out, a shriek in the woods, a chill down a spine. Your name is what happens when somebody enters a room and forgets why they are there.

The perfect cat eye occurs when…your lips….is that a new NYX shade? Is that blood? Those who notice are too fearful, too fearful to ask. Maybe you don’t even know anymore. You tap tap tap your nails on the throne of bones, your eyes glimmer with madness. No one looks at you directly. Looking in your eyes is to face who you really are, your dark and your dirty. Your hair, it’s actually this wonderful Salt Spray hair product, you have to try it..or…is it snakes? Is it SNAKES?! The power vibrates in you. Bats follow you home. You vaguely remember light, but only when you are about to whisper a curse made of nightmares. “I HEAR LORAC MAKES A GREAT EYELINER PEN,” but LORAC..LORAC hasn’t been alive for 30 years!! Why is it so cold? Why does everything taste like fog, and nutmeg, and fear?? Who is it that roams these halls, endlessly, forever?!

Then, only then, do you flick the perfect cat eye.

You know, at least on one eye.