NYT Mini Crossword December 31 2022 Answers

PUBLISHED : December 31, 2022, 7:10 AM

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NYT Mini Crossword December 31 2022 Answers Puzzle and Solution has been updated in this today post for free.

NYT Mini Crossword December 31 2022 Answers Puzzle and Solution for Today

As we all know that “The New York Times has started publishing Crosswords since 1942“. It’s one of the most demanding and popular crosswords puzzle game to play. NYT (New York Times) has also recently added additional crosswords games because of their audience demand like Spelling Bee, Letterboxed and Wordle. Today’s post shares all the possible answer for NYT Mini Crossword December 31, 2022 Answers Puzzle and Solution. Here are all the answers for today New York Times Mini Crossword Clues. Drag your mouse arrow or click/hover on the given clue to get the answer if you are get stuck or can’t find the solution. We have applied these ways if you are finding or looking for NY Times Mini clues and hints.

Nyt Mini Crossword December 31 2022 Answers and Solution

Below we have listed all the clues and answers for Today’s NY Times Mini Crossword Puzzles for Saturday December 31st 2022:

Mother of chicks = HEN

Allow = LET

Physicians’ degs = MDS

Need for a messy eater = NAPKIN

Immediately = ATONCE


Rock’s ___ Brothers Band = ALLMAN

“___ be to God!” (“Hallelujah!”) = PRAISE

How a clever and sneaky hint might be delivered = SUBTLY

Business that might offer a hot stone massage = SPA

Japanese currency = YEN

Poly ___ (college major, informally) = SCI

Exam whose first initial stands for “Law” = LSAT

Activity that wastes hours of one’s day = TIMESINK

Nationally televised event on New Year’s Eve = BALLDROP

Parent company of Facebook = META, for instance = URL

Negative movie review = PAN

If you already solved all the puzzles then go to NYT Mini All In One Page to find all the Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers.

To solve the Mini Crossword Puzzles, you will need to fill in the grid with letters to form words that intersect at certain squares called “crossing words OR crosswords.” The clues for the puzzle are provided in a list form, with each clue corresponding to a specific word in the given grid. The clues may be in the form of a definition, a synonym, or a wordplay. To solve the puzzle, you will need to use your knowledge of vocabulary, language, and wordplay to figure out what the crossing words each other are. If you get stuck, you can try using crossword-solving strategies, such as working from the ends of the grid inward or looking for common letters that might link multiple words.

NYT Mini Crossword December 31 2022 Answers - Frenemy