Wordscapes December 10 2023 Answers

PUBLISHED : December 10, 2023, 1:59 AM

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Wordscapes December 10 2023 Daily Puzzle Answers for Today's Challenge. Wordscape Daily Answers has been updated.

Wordscapes December 10 2023 Answers for Today’s Challenge

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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle December 2023 Answers

So here is today’s puzzle has total number of words are 18, and these are extract form those 7 letters word: “R,C,C,I,E,T,K

  • etic
  • ick
  • irk
  • SOLUTION: "cite crick cricket ice ire kit kite rice rite tic tick ticker tie tier tire trek trick trike"

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Wordscapes December 10 2023 Answers - Frenemy