Wordle 6/21/23 – Wordle June 21 2023 Answers

PUBLISHED : June 21, 2023, 12:14 AM

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Here you guys can see the Answer for today Wordle June 21 2023 Puzzle Challenge. Wordle hint for today is very difficult to guess. Kindly do scroll down below and see the solution. Thanks!

Wordle 6/21/23 – Wordle June 21 2023 Answers for Today Puzzle Challenge

Wordle 6/21/2023 Answers for Today has been solved and published on our website for free. Today’s New York Times Wordle Answer Puzzle Challenge was a little bit harder than the previous one but do not worry about it. Our experts have already found the solution for you guys. Just bookmark our website for daily updates and solutions for the “Daily Wordle Game Puzzle Challenges and Guide for JUNE 2023”.

WORLDE Puzzle Answers for June, 21st 2023 Has Been Updated and its Solution is already Given Down Below:

Today’s Wednesday 5 Letter’s W O R D L E HINT” is: “A C R E N

Wordle June 21 2023 Answers for Today Puzzle

Wordle #732 Clues are Given Down Below:

– Word start with letter “C”
– Word end with letter “E”
– Middle letter of the word is “A”
– Repeated letter are “NONE”
– Vowel letter are “2”

Noun (C R A N E)


  • A large, tall machine used for moving heavy objects.

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The game doesn’t give any initial hints about the word’s identity, but once you make a guess, the tiles change color to provide more information about the letters. There are three colors the tiles can change to: grey, yellow, or green.

When a tile turns grey, it means the letter you guessed isn’t in the word at all. So, it’s best to avoid using that letter in future guesses. If a tile turns yellow, it indicates that the letter appears in the word but not in the position you initially guessed. On the other hand, when a tile turns green, it means you’ve correctly guessed the letter and placed it in the right position. This is the color you want to see!

In addition, there’s a challenging mode in the game where you must use any correctly guessed letters from the previous row in each subsequent guess. While you might already be doing this, it becomes crucial when there are multiple possible answers for the Wordle. To solve the Wordle, you may need to guess a word that contains the potential letters. However, this mode limits your ability to do so. Thankfully, you can always disable this mode during the game if you find it too difficult.

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