Word Genie Silver Plate Answers

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Hello everyone! Below you will find Word Genie Answers For All Levels. Tons of fun medals to win. Exciting new medals added with each major update! Discover awesome huge words when you rub the magic lamp! 3 Difficulty settings to build up your skills and challenge yourself. Show off your genius to earn awesome combos and bonus points! Auto-save your progress every time you exit for the gamer on the go! Lots of amazing surprises to discover as you play!

Level 1 Answer: Agree keen
Level 2 Answer: luge bandy
Level 3 Answer: text index
Level 4 Answer: garage car
Level 5 Answer: happy song
Level 6 Answer: money loan
Level 7 Answer: wings eyes
Level 8 Answer: send reply
Level 9 Answer: wasp orion
Level 10 Answer: mean scorn