Brain Test 2 Level 14 Monster Hunter Joe

PUBLISHED : January 22, 2021, 6:26 PM

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Brain Test 2 Level 14 Monster Hunter Joe Answers and Solution

After a most thrilling game, “Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles,” a new updated and more exciting game is launched: “Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories”. This is the extended version of the Brain test game. It has new levels, challenges, and puzzles. Brain Test 2 is a fascinating game that will keep you tied with itself.

Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories

Wait Wait!!! Take notes before going for this game because you will become addicted to this if you begin playing. If you had played the Brain test, you might know that there is no way back, man! This game is an all-time favorite and takes place in the top position of trivia and teaser games. One must give a try to this game. You will surely love it.

Brain Test 2 Monster Hunter Joe Level 14 Answers Puzzle

Please Note:- Brain Test 2 levels are different in each devices like Android or IOS. So it’s better to search each quiz answer by its “Title”.

  • ANSWERS: "just Lift the Joe up in a way that his crossbow shoot wolf’s hearts. Do this quick."

If you already solved this quiz then go to Brain Test 2 Game Answers Puzzle Page. We have added all the quiz in a single page because it will be very easy for the people who are stuck at any level and they love to play this game and find the solution of every quiz with a single click.

Why Brain Test 2 Brain Game is so captivating? The reasons are:

  • Mind -twisting teasers
  • This game is best for all: children, adults, or aged one. Anyone can play and enjoy this game.
  • Available offline. You have access to this game anytime and anywhere.
  • Keeps your mind working actively
  • A lot of fun in one place
  • IQ Quizzes riddles, puzzles, and MORE!
  • Compulsive and addictive
  • Brand new and updated levels
  • Mind trainer teasers
  • Best for leisure time. It gives your mind both fun and exercise.
  • Good graphical interface
  • Simple to use

Brain Test 2: Tricky stories” is the most frequently downloaded and played game. It has different groups of teasers. There are 12 groups, and each group has 20 to 26 levels. All the stories are super exciting and gripping. So, leave all the other games and install this one. You will have a mind-blowing experience with this game. Your brain will need to think intellectually and perform some extraordinary logic to solve the riddles and quizzes. This will increase your mental ability.