Brain Boom Help the chicken to hide Answers Puzzle and Solution

Ready to have a boom with the Brain  Boom Game? Then install Brain boom and start playing it. You will get addictive to this game. Brain boom is funny, unique, and the original game developed by G2Y. The game will push your mind to brainstorm the puzzles, riddles and solve them.  This game is very tricky and has creative teasers. The game lovely and humorous levels to compel you towards itself.  Challenge your IQ and understanding through Brain boom and get to know your limits. This game will make your mind sharp and imaginative.

Brain Boom is a game that is logical and tricky. It has outstanding features for brain testing. Complicated and unimaginative puzzles you will need to solve. There are tricky and unusual solutions to the riddles. There are beautiful and simple graphics in the game. In puzzles, tips and videos are at hand to help you out. This is a family game, meaning it can be played by any member of the family. There are no obscene or secret items in it. Brain Boom is a simple and humorous game.

Brain Boom Help the chicken to hide Answers Puzzle

Please Note:- Brain Boom Game All levels are different in each devices like Android or IOS. So it’s better to search each quiz answer by its “Title”.

  • ANSWER: "you have to long press it with the help of your finger in order to cover it."

Brain Boom Game has more than 200 levels.  All the levels are interesting and captivating. The answers are not as simple as you think. You must concentrate and imagine things in an extraordinary way. The game’s going to bind you to itself. People are enthusiastic about resolving all levels in a day, but it is not as straightforward as you think. This will at least drive the brain out of the box to learn. In your thinking, problem-solving and tension management, you can sense a positive change.

The game is so interesting that this game can make you obsessive. The game’s levels and the design are up to date.  Begin playing and enjoying with this amazing game.

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