Sex Talk

For no reason other than me not wanting to clean my room tonight, and also because I had this awesome brunch at Talde today (that included pretzel dumplings and cheesy fried rice and a realllll beefcake stud of a brunch companion), I’ve really got a lot of the sex on my mind. You know sex. The jelly-filled snack of late night yore. The gooey plastic bag of ghostly moans. The “well, that can’t be right” of Cosmopolitan magazine.You know sex. 

But I never talk about it anymore on this blog. Color me Prudence, cuz sex is as equally funny as eating and television and Boy Meets World. So I’m going to open a bottle of wine and take 2 hours to finish taking the glitter nailpolish off my nails with an icepick and the will of Satan. After that, I’m going to pick through your (anon for tonight only) questions.

YOUR SEX QUESTIONS. About anything. Make em gross, make em funny, and I’ll answer five or six or a million tonight. Ask away kids! Use clean hands when typing! See you later!

EDIT: I got a lot of questions SO I’m going to keep collectin’ em tonight and spend all day throughout the day talking about sex on The Frenemy. It will be a sex-filled day. Keepin’ it on anon all night! 

P.S. The most asked questions were about body hair and virginity and so there’s that.

  1. suzability said: This is anon, right? Because, the thing is I’ve never Done It. I’m 22 (girl), given and received oral, but no “actual sex.” Do you think I should tell the guys I date this? It always ends up being weird. So I feel like I should lie, but lying sucks.
  2. itheroyalwe said: So last night I was with this guy who I’ve dated a few times and he stopped mid cunnilingus because he needed a piece of gum. Is that weird?
  3. jessymcmessy said: Do you think you could have sex with just 1 person for more than 30 years?
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