The Hurricane

So I’m being really “whatever” about the hurricane because it’s name is Sandy, which is the name of a friend of mine who is quite harmless. And also because I have been distracted trying to find my Hocus Pocus DVD. And also because I never prepare for anything and I’m not putting water in my grody tub.


I know that the joke is ”hey, let’s all just go buy alcohol and get drunk during the hurricane” 

but I really don’t actually know how to do anything else because I’m an unprepared lame little weasel. So thus far, it is my only real plan since I only eat frozen foods and pizza and I think it would be very hard to open a botte of wine with the lights off I can’t do it even with the lights on.

And what am I going to do with a flashlight? Isn’t that what my phone is for? What’s a radio?

So I guess I’ll just eat raw kale and whiskey and burp until I get washed away by waves. 

Stay safe, everyone. Get out of dodge if you need to. But mostly just have Monday off! 

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