Me and my wedding date

Me and my wedding date

Yo! The Frenemy NYC Meetup is next week!

I’m super excited about The Frenemy NYC Meetup at 200 Orchard Bar…which is at 200 Orchard Street…in Manhattan on July 19th from 7-10pm!

Seriously. So looking forward to meeting you all. Let me know if you are coming! We will drink cocktails and swap awkward stories and generally be merry before you go out and “kill the town” or “eat a drunk meal” on a Saturday night. This is definitely a low pressure, low key meetup to hang with me and also meet other cool ladies and obviously talk about lipstick.

ALSO: one of my bff’s met his boyfriend at my last meetup, and they’ve been together for 3 years and they live together and have a grill! So…magic happens at Frenemy meetups!

Hey I love my lipsticks but I hate when they stain my bf's mouth (and mess up my perf application as well) and he complains about the taste. Any suggestions for long lasting lipsticks or ones that won't make ppl gag when they kiss me?

I absolutely SWEAR by this shit, and I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again:

Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Always Red is made by witches. It is damn magic. It is sorcery. It is 13 motherfucking dollars at Sephora. Every time you wear it, a pinup girl angel gets a calendar spread.

I do not swear by many products, but damn, I swear by this one. It goes on like a lip gloss but dries like a matte balm. It smells like vanilla. It doesn’t feather and it doesn’t heavily dry your lips out. Put it on in the morning and it survives light kissing, heavy drinking, heavier eating, accidental face wiping, and general life until nighttime.

This is not sponsored, I just feel like it is my duty as a Lipstick Fairy to send this info into the masses. Take it, love it, thank me later.

Just wrote a blog post about feminism. Had someone respond with "Another feminist telling women to act like men. How original. Feminism is gross."Would appreciate your thoughts (and encouragement) if possible.

The things people think about you is beyond your control. If you don’t become your true self, say what you feel, and stand behind what you believe because of what people will think or say about you, you will be a tiny mushroom for Mario to jump on and over for the rest of your life. Don’t be a mushroom, be a Mario.

I repeat: The things people think about you is beyond your control. Your only obligation to the world is to listen to everybody, take shit from nobody, and be kind. Your only obligation to yourself is to try to become the person you wish you could be.

My advice for anything: Refuse to be timid. Don’t confuse timid with quiet or shy or introverted. Timid is when you stay quiet because you are worried more about the backlash than the conviction. You deserve to be brave for your convictions. You deserve to be heard.

As for feminism…a lot of people think feminism is gross. It’s just how it is. But I put myself in that fight because it is a fight I believe in, and I’m happier being in that fight than I was when I stayed quiet on the sidelines.

Girl. Be the kind of you that makes you happy. When dirt is thrown at you, be the kind of person that keeps on going.

(Also, don’t feed the trolls, man.)

Summertime Skin Care

My skin has been killing it lately, which is nice because for now, it means I am winning the Skin Game of Thrones. I am usually battling my skin in some capacity…my birth control is hell bent on giving me weirdo acne patches, the sun is making me sweat out of my ass and ears, and I do a shit job of changing my pillowcases. I am working on that. Anyway, with pretty good skin at this moment, I decided to lay out my Summertime Skincare Routine so you can see the products I use, if that’s your current interest. Keep in mind I have combination skin to the MAX—which means super oily T-Zone and somehow, even in the highest sweat point of summer, dry patches when my skin decides to go all Braveheart on me and wage war in the form of white flakes. Oh! And it’s also super sensitive. Hope this is of some help if you are wondering how to handle a change in weather:

At Night, Before Shower:

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