Just wrote a blog post about feminism. Had someone respond with "Another feminist telling women to act like men. How original. Feminism is gross."Would appreciate your thoughts (and encouragement) if possible.

The things people think about you is beyond your control. If you don’t become your true self, say what you feel, and stand behind what you believe because of what people will think or say about you, you will be a tiny mushroom for Mario to jump on and over for the rest of your life. Don’t be a mushroom, be a Mario.

I repeat: The things people think about you is beyond your control. Your only obligation to the world is to listen to everybody, take shit from nobody, and be kind. Your only obligation to yourself is to try to become the person you wish you could be.

My advice for anything: Refuse to be timid. Don’t confuse timid with quiet or shy or introverted. Timid is when you stay quiet because you are worried more about the backlash than the conviction. You deserve to be brave for your convictions. You deserve to be heard.

As for feminism…a lot of people think feminism is gross. It’s just how it is. But I put myself in that fight because it is a fight I believe in, and I’m happier being in that fight than I was when I stayed quiet on the sidelines.

Girl. Be the kind of you that makes you happy. When dirt is thrown at you, be the kind of person that keeps on going.

(Also, don’t feed the trolls, man.)

Summertime Skin Care

My skin has been killing it lately, which is nice because for now, it means I am winning the Skin Game of Thrones. I am usually battling my skin in some capacity…my birth control is hell bent on giving me weirdo acne patches, the sun is making me sweat out of my ass and ears, and I do a shit job of changing my pillowcases. I am working on that. Anyway, with pretty good skin at this moment, I decided to lay out my Summertime Skincare Routine so you can see the products I use, if that’s your current interest. Keep in mind I have combination skin to the MAX—which means super oily T-Zone and somehow, even in the highest sweat point of summer, dry patches when my skin decides to go all Braveheart on me and wage war in the form of white flakes. Oh! And it’s also super sensitive. Hope this is of some help if you are wondering how to handle a change in weather:

At Night, Before Shower:

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Always Remember You Don’t Have To

-Leave food on your plate if you’re still hungry
-Be the prettiest girl in the room
-Hide your dark circles or pimples every time you leave the house
-Have a totally hairless body
-Say yes when you really want to say no
-Give somebody your number when you don’t want to
-Take the drink or ugh, finish the drink
-Do the thing you can’t afford
-Say you don’t like pop music when actually, pop music is great
-Please everybody with your body
-Fall in love with the first schmuck who is nice to you
-“Owe” somebody sex
-Be selfless all the time
-Have the career path or the significant other everybody suggests to you
-Be super perfect all the fucking time
-Pretend like something doesn’t upset you when it does
-Be super strong
-Hold back your tears
-Be silent when somebody says something that offends you
-Have money or a super expensive education to be smart or important
-Be polite to somebody who invades your personal space or hits on you
-Be loud to be heard
-Know what the fuck everything means
-Lose that five pounds
-Pretend you even want to lose weight at all
-Have a “no burning bridges” policy for even the stuff that’s poisoning you
-Have all the answers
-Stay quiet when you don’t know the answer
-Take a stance and keep that stance forever
-Stay the same forever
-Stop learning when you’re out of school
-Act your age

All you gotta do is be nice, brush your teeth before you sleep, hold the door open, and be the kind of person who knows how to listen.

Finally: The Frenemy NYC Meetup!

Yo! I’ve been harpin’ about having another NYC meetup for a long time, and now it is finally the time for me to prove I can actually plan things!

The last event I had was about 3 years ago, so to celebrate The Frenemy’s 4-year anniversary and also my ability to finally choose a venue, I’ve reserved a room at a bar for you guys to come, drink, show me your favorite lipsticks, and get overly drunk and hug each other.

So! Here are the deets. I know I told you to reserve the 3rd week of July for me, and alas, that is still definitely true:

Saturday, July 19th from 7-10pm at 200 Orchard Bar in NYC!

Yes, that’s right..I went with Manhattan because the LES is centrally located and is a great start for pregaming a night out..or just hopping on the train and going home to finish whatever the fuck you were watching on Netflix. AND there is definitely good drunk food nearby, which is my jam.

More details:

-I will be there wearing an insanely bright neon pink dress.

-200 Orchard’s address is…200 Orchard…which is right off the F train, a ten minute walk from the Essex/Delancey stop or a ten minute walk from the 1st avenue L train.

-I’ve reserved this really cool (cool as in air-conditioned) room made of wood that has benches, but I can only get it till 10 because that’s when people actually come to this bar and I hate people.

- **EDIT: No need to RSVP at the venue, but feel free to message me/let me know if you are coming so I can check out your blog

—I really hope I can see a lot of your 21+ faces there. I love your faces, and I love cocktails. I will hopefully have some fun things to offer while you are there, but mostly just hugs and getting silly and saying hi is my main concern. Love you all and let’s party together! No dancing.

Pink Lemonade Party Baby

Pink Lemonade Party Baby