My bf is on point this morning

My bf is on point this morning

Things I’m Craving

-a perfect cranberry colored lipstick
-a break from the shit on the internet
-the time, patience, and ingredients to bake more things
-all of the socks I think I lost appear over the hill like the ending of Homeward Bound
-a goddamn breeze once in a while
-a hair product that actually eliminates 83% of frizz or whatever lies this thing is spewing
-solid gold chopsticks and the tofu pad thai to go with it
-It works when I say “Accio Siracha” on the couch
-the thing on Netflix I want to watch FOR ONCE
-the kind of money where I’m not quite sure how much a gallon of milk costs
-like, I could guess I just wouldn’t be 100% sure
-delicate necklaces and chunky rings
-candles that don’t really make the room hot
-clean room
-a stare that could stop your shit
-some nice things
-people to shut up

As a feminist, I’m mostly not ugly but also that’s not the POINT

As a feminist, I’m mostly not ugly but also that’s not the POINT

Look at the Book #2

I’m working hard, here, which is why I’m not writing on the blog as much. However, in case you’re wondering what I’m up to, here’s what’s going on in my chapter about the many ways we prune and groom:

I’m a regular looking girl.

I used to think being regular looking was a very bad thing. Now, with more access to many flattering Instagram filters and a hearty dose of newfound self-esteem, I’m kind of over it. I know my limitations. I know that when I do my hair and makeup, in the words of Oscar Winner Matthew McConanotgonnalookitup, I look “all right, all right.” I know that I wake up in the morning more Jim Henson puppet than Beyoncé, and I can’t pull off casual-chic the way Taylor Swift can, lest I look like I slept drunk in a trash can. I’m over it. It’s not a big deal. Pragmatically, I’m not a supermodel. It’s pretty obvious in my height and weight and non-symmetrical face. But supermodel is a job, just like astronaut is a job, so when I say “I’m no supermodel,” I don’t expect you to come to my defense like I’m insulting myself. It would do best as a society to get over the “pretty is the best thing you can be if you’re a girl” shit. It’s not. Pretty is great, and so is kind, interesting, fiery, ambitious, khaleesi, funny, smart and a million more things. And the great thing about that is how objective being pretty is. Intelligence is rarely objective. You read, you know things, or you don’t. Pretty is for everyone. To you, I could be the evil little girl in the well, but to some schmuck at a watering hole, I could be your Manic Pixie Tina Belcher Dream Girl.

Get it? It’s subjective. It barely matters. I’m very aware that I have the face that I have, and would like to improve upon it in ways that make me feel more confident with what I have been given. It’s what we all would be better off doing instead of worrying so much about being pretty for everyone, all the time.

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