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How To Generate Quality Traffic For Your Business

Are you presently having trouble producing new leads for your company? No matter what your selected approaches, you have to exercise patience. It’s crucial to have a regular lead flow coming into your business in order to make regular sales.

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To generate quality leads for your business you need to figure out a marketing strategy that works for you and your business. In this article we’ll speak about one of our favourite techniques for getting traffic online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a strategy that every online business should be using. After all the biggest website in the world is Google and that is a huge opportunity. Plus search engine traffic is the highest quality out there. You need to have a blog on your website where you can post articles and target specific keyword phrases for your business.

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Using keywords as key phrases is important for your internal links on the site. Using the words “just click here” is a wasted possibility to integrate more keywords. Using keywords for your anchor text will help you to be noticed by those crawling spiders and helps your whole site to do well in the search engines like Google.

Blogs get ranked well when they have high quality content and also extremely targeted. It’s not true that your article needs to be extremely long to rank well. The truth is you need to have content that actually is what the person who is searching for wants. Even if that content is only 500 words if it is exactly what the person searching for is looking for then that will help.

A good idea is to use the Google search console because this allows you to see what your website appears for in Google and will allow you to optimise certain things such as Title tags to get a high click through rate. It’s all these kind of things that Google looks at and uses to rank your site high.

It’s important to keep your website mobile optimised too. Over 50% of traffic online is actually on mobile now and on our blog we find that around 50% is mobile, 5% is tablet and 45% is desktop. It’s really interesting because a few years ago it was nearly all desktop traffic however it’s clear that the rise of smartphones has caused mobile traffic to grow and grow.

Here’s a list of quality tips for getting search engine traffic:

  • Target lots of long tail keywords
  • Write articles of 500-800 words minimum
  • Include images and videos
  • Interlink to other relevant pages on your website
  • Link out to other valuable content

You can certainly get a lot of traffic from Google but it does take time. A way of kickstarting the process is by writing guest posts for other big blogs in your niche. Obviously this can be easier said than done but you’ll need to do something like content outreach.

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